The 2021 Fall Racing and Marathon Season at a Glace

With vaccination rates going up and COVID-19 cases going down in person racing is gradually returning. Here is what is and is not happening as of early July. Things change constantly so don’t believe us. Check the race website. Ottawa Area Races The larger events are still primarily going virtual but there are a coupleContinue reading “The 2021 Fall Racing and Marathon Season at a Glace”

Places to Day Hike or Trail Run Around Ottawa

Looking for a new place to take a hike or go for a run? Here are some spots you may not have found yet. Follow the links to get more information about each trail. Marlboro Forest Located south of Ottawa with three parking areas along Roger Stevens Drive, Marlboro Forest contains 29 km of hikingContinue reading “Places to Day Hike or Trail Run Around Ottawa”

Suggested Hilly Loops in Ottawa

Why run boring old hills when you can run hilly loops? Here are a few suggestions. Barrhaven- St Remy On Strava: Short loop- start at Barran run up St Remy to the turn (house #54) run back Medium loop- start at Barran run up St Remy all the way to Larkin run back LongContinue reading “Suggested Hilly Loops in Ottawa”

Triathlon 101 Packing for Race Day

Completing a three stage race in unpredictable weather conditions can require the most remarkable amount of stuff. Sit down a few days before the race, think about each stage, each transition and what will you need. If in doubt bring it. For the swim: A triathlon suit – These can be one or two piece.Continue reading “Triathlon 101 Packing for Race Day”

20 Tips for Overnight Long Distance Relays

A few lessons learned from the Kentucky Bourbon Chase  – 200 miles with 9 runners and the PeaktoBrew -236 miles with 12 runners. Both events are long distance relay races which you can take seriously or not so seriously. Both races were independent when we ran them. The Kentucky Bourbon Chase is now part ofContinue reading “20 Tips for Overnight Long Distance Relays”

Nutrition on the Run

Some very basic nutrition advice for runners. General Nutrition Guidelines First and foremost like everyone you need to start with eating a healthy balanced diet. Canada’s Food Guide has some good basic information for healthy everyday eating habits. Runners who don’t want to lose weight may need more calories but unless you are training regularlyContinue reading “Nutrition on the Run”

Tips for Running Virtual Races and Challenges

Running for the love of running is fun but it’s nice to set a goal and test it once in a while. Until we get back to in-person racing a virtual race is a good option. Here are some suggestions about how to get the most out of your virtual race experience. Choose your EventContinue reading “Tips for Running Virtual Races and Challenges”

Winter Traction Aids 101

Running outside in Ottawa in the winter can have it’s challenges and traction is definitely one of them. Here are some recommendations based on personal experience. There are other brands available in most of these styles. The brands listed below are the ones that I have actually tried. Regular Yaktrax and Yaktrax Pro Don’t buyContinue reading “Winter Traction Aids 101”