2023 Raquette River Marathon Race Report- by Terry SanCartier

March 25, 2023 in Potsdam. NY Synopsis A simple, no frills, small town, inexpensive race less than a two hour drive away from Ottawa. The course is an out and back on a country road with rolling hills with partial views of the Raquette River with good support at regular intervals. Overall Venue Rating: :2Continue reading “2023 Raquette River Marathon Race Report- by Terry SanCartier”

2022 Petit Train Du Nord

Short Version: First time in 4 years, a marathon I care about how fast I run. First time ever to have a coach for running.Different marathon’s training schedule.Training was hard most of the time because of the heat.Enjoyed training with people after over 2 years of being active mostly by myself due to Mrs. Covid. Thanks…

2022 Berlin Marathon Race Report

We arrived in Berlin a couple of days before the race but we had been in Germany for 10 days. If you are coming from North America I would strongly suggest that you arrive a week early in order to deal with the jet lag. The six hour time difference is enough to make youContinue reading “2022 Berlin Marathon Race Report”

Terry’s Istrian Marathon (Slovenia)

The course takes you through four cities along the Adriatic. The first part of the race is up in Ankaran. We run down towards Koper which is directly by the water. This is when the race shines with it’s scenery. Plus, it’s flat. The section towards Izola is beautiful along the sea wall. There are some hills as we approach the outskirts of Piran. We run through an old rail tunnel and climb a several steps to a wooden bridge over sea salt collecting areas.

California International Marathon 2021 Race Report

Originally posted on HockeyGeekGirl:
This post will give you details on what to expect if you run C.I.M. the California International Marathon. This a popular fall race for runners hoping to achieve a Boston Qualifying time. So let’s see how it holds up!    Where and When is it? The California International Marathon (CIM) is held…