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Run K2J Run -The Holiday Card Edition

Celebrate the holidays by exchanging cards with your running friends. Join us Thursday December 1st at 6:00 pm for the third annual RunK2J Holiday Card Run. Meet upstairs between the pool and rink observation areas at Walter Baker. Come out for a run, sign some Holiday Cards and bring them along. As you pass other…

Run K2J Monday Night Zwift Group Ride

Cycling is more fun with friends even if it’s virtual. Join us for a one hour, no drop, group ride on Zwift. Monday night at 6:00 pm, starting Monday November 7th. In order to start riding with the group you need to be added to the group invitation list on Zwift. Email or Judy…

2021 RunK2J Year in Review

Thank you to everyone who supported RunK2J and joined us for a pandemic year of running around. You make running fun! See you all in 2022!

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