For any endeavor worth undertaking, we can’t be successful without plenty of help and teamwork. As we launched “Run K2J” in late 2020 during the C19 pandemic, it’s never been more true that we will need to “get by with a little help from our friends”.

As our experiences show, we all need to be kind and respectful to one another, and increase the passion for being active in any capacity you are able to!

Harold Piel

CEV: Chief Executive Volunteer & WebGuy.

Innocently starting with attending races to cheer, this quickly evolved from ad-hoc volunteering to getting pulled right in! Love connecting in my passion for paddling into safety kayaking for swim events. I’ve also got regular participation in IM Medical Tent in Lake Placid, and T-Zone duties at Tremblant. Next came destination venues (IM, Marathons) around North America, including bike safety inspector at Kona IM World Championships in 2009.

Also got involved with BOTB, and Run Ottawa as “Route Crew” member for Race Weekend, and with Army Run, events with Zone3, Somersault, The-Ark, and numerous independents in the region.

Stumbled upon this article recently to show how small acts of kindness while volunteering can really make a lasting impression!

Spousal Motto: “If you can’t beat them, join them!”

Hélène Fortier

Head Coach RunK2J Orleans

After 30 years of teaching , Hélène is passionate about sharing what she’s learned and to motivate athletes. She’s a Certified 80/20 Endurance Coach for running and triathlon. Hélène started running at 43, marathon at 45 and her 1st Ironman at 50 years old. She has completed 31 marathons, 9 Ironman, 9 IM 70.3, a 50k Ultra, several shorter distances and has been competing at various races and championships with the Canadian Armed Forces since 2016. She’s a musician with the Governor General’s Foot Guards.
Hélène likes the hard work alone but also enjoys mixing it up with group training and keeping it social and fun! She’s always excited to help and encourage people to reach new goals!
Notable Athletic Achievements
• 31 marathons
• Boston Marathon, 11 consecutive
• 9 Ironman (1st in AG at Ironman Cozumel 2022)
• 2 Ironman World Championships (Kona 2019 and St-George, Utah, May 2022)
• 9 Ironman 70.3 (1st in AG at 70.3 Muskoka 2021)
• ITU 2016 Canadian Triathlon Championship (3rd in AG)
• Philadelphia Marathon (5th in AG in 2015)
• Ultra Niagara 50k (1st in AG in 2013)
• CAF National Running Championship ( 5 Gold medals in her category)
• CAF National Triathlon Championship (3 Gold medals in her category)
• 1 of the 5 finalists for female Athlete of the year 2018 of the Canadian Armed Forces

Yvonne Mery

Director of Pain

While Yvonne is not training or having fun at a race, she’s also got a day job at Nepean Sports Medicine Clinic as Physiotherapist to help treat and prevent aches and pains! Yvonne will be organizing the post workout strength training program in Barrahven.

Yvonne has some impressive running achievements, and is always eager to go to the next level, or hop in and try something new.

Running in snowshoes? I’m in. What fun!!

Susan Ibach

RunK2J Warrior

A keen supporter of RunK2J, Susan’s enthusiasm is infectious to get the gang together, run a workout, or enjoy everyone’s company during a 2-3 hour LSD session.

Destination races are always fun, and has completed races of all types in various countries and cities around North Amaerica and Europe: where to next?

What’s wrong with getting outside the hum-drum of a traditional road race, finding your inner family Scottish Roots, and joining the Warrior Class?

Join the team

As things ‘get back to normal’, we’re always looking for help organizing safe and responsible activities.

Kudo’s to volunteers in supporting the ‘Micro-Events’: “Not The Boston Marathon” along with the 2021 & 2022 BarkHaven Run.

Stay tuned for what’s coming our way in 2023!

Want to volunteer with us?

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