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BarkHaven 2021 , Race Directors edition

It’s been quite a summer, and with an effective C19 protocol available, Judy and I spent some time pondering what kind of event we could put together that would meet the spirit of RunK2J. We’ve always wanted to do a variation of “The Barkley Marathon”, that was inclusive, challenging at various levels, and most importantly,…

The Barkhaven 2021

The BarkHaven was a race like no other. The name and some of the details were inspired by the Barkley Marathons but the event was unique. Results are below and pictures will follow but exactly what happened will remain somewhat a mystery. 2021 Award Winners Jesse Elliott – The Big Cheese Chris Steele- Most F2F…

The Egg Nog Jog

A beer mile with Egg Nog. We blame the Costal Mountain Trail Running Winter Scavenger Hunt for coming up with the idea. Four laps of the track, four cups of Egg Nog… It was not actually as bad as we expected!

CMTR RunK2J Relay Run

RunK2J took on the CMTR Winter Scavenger Hunt Relay Run. 9 runners, 9 hours of running and only a little freezing rain! Great to see you all virtually!

Run K2J Run and Greet #6 Wednesday Night Pre- Christmas Run

Christmas Eve is on a Thursday and you may be busy waiting for Santa! So our final pre-Christmas Run K2J Run and Greet will be held on Wednesday December 23rd from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. As always everyone is welcome. Details are below. We may not be able to run together right now but…

Run K2J Run and Greet #3 Run ReRun Edition

Thursday December 3rd Thanks to everyone who came out and donated and a special thanks to Susan for doing the actual drop off! Same Loop, Same Time! In the spirt of the season and reusing. Bring something useful from around your house that could be used by someone else. We will leave a box by…

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