BarkHaven 2021 , Race Directors edition

It’s been quite a summer, and with an effective C19 protocol available, Judy and I spent some time pondering what kind of event we could put together that would meet the spirit of RunK2J. We’ve always wanted to do a variation of “The Barkley Marathon”, that was inclusive, challenging at various levels, and most importantly, fun for everyone.

With limited events to volunteer at in 2021, it was time to brainstorm and have the RunK2J CEV and CER put something together. Ideas turned to plans and implementation in rapid succession and invitations were sent.

Registrations for the micro-event started to arrive, condolences were issued, and we hit the desired participation sweet spot to pull things together.

In Tribute to The Barkly Marathons, we won’t be sharing specifics on the course, what happened, and how the event unfolded: you will need to find someone that participated in the event to get some first hand info!

What we can share out is that there were bibs, checkpoints, books. Best of all, there was fun and smiles all around. As Race Director, I was delighted that no one was able to complete the 21.1K course in the allotted time, though both Judy and I were impressed at how close many folks got with various strategies. There were no DNFs, though 3 keeners did run nearly the edge of the cutoff. The BarkHaven Fun Run had 6 finishers as well. Full results can be found here

With the survey results in from the participants, we know how to tune up the event for next year. I’m also looking forward to including some of the new checkpoints to keep things fresh for the veterans, and we’re also eager to see how things mix up with a sprinkling of virgins in 2022.

We hope you had as much fun doing this event as we had setting this up. Stay safe, have fun, and see you out there. Thanks for the scissors. Harold and Judy.

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