About Run K2J

Welcome to “Run K2J”

We are an active Ottawa based group of runners and triathletes.

Our Mission

At Run K2J we believe that being part of a supportive community of athletes is the most rewarding form of training. We firmly believe that you can take your training seriously and still have fun along the way. Being involved and supporting local events helps spread this passion in ways that can transform lives.

Our Website Layout

Check out the REFERENCE section is the library of knowledge featuring one of the best race calendars on the internet, along with Handy site references, and running wisdom.

The SERVICES section contains information on Clinics, Coaching, and other activities.

Watch the BLOG for tips, advice and race reports from all kinds of events. Even if you never run with us we hope you will find this site useful

Chief Executive Runner (CER)
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“We run for the love of running.”

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