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Winter Running Tips

Running 201

More answers to your running questions. If you missed it Running 101 can be found here. How often should I run? If you want to improve you need to run at least three days a week, four days a week is better, five days a week is great, six days a week is pushing it aContinue reading “Running 201”

Running 101

Welcome all to the world of running! We hope you come to love it as much as many of us do. New to running? Here are the answers to some common questions we get from new runners. What do I need to buy to start running? There is lots of great gear available. However, theContinue reading “Running 101”

Public Washrooms Open in the Ottawa Area

Originally posted on Bushtukah:
This list is a product of the combined efforts of the Bushtukah SWEET community. It was compiled in May 2021 and we will do our best to keep it up to date because sometimes you really need a bathroom! A big thank you to all our on the ground researchers! Note…

Nutrition on the Run

Some very basic nutrition advice for runners. General Nutrition Guidelines First and foremost like everyone you need to start with eating a healthy balanced diet. Canada’s Food Guide has some good basic information for healthy everyday eating habits. Runners who don’t want to lose weight may need more calories but unless you are training regularlyContinue reading “Nutrition on the Run”

Winter Traction Aids 101

Running outside in Ottawa in the winter can have it’s challenges and traction is definitely one of them. Here are some recommendations based on personal experience. There are other brands available in most of these styles. The brands listed below are the ones that I have actually tried. Regular Yaktrax and Yaktrax Pro Don’t buyContinue reading “Winter Traction Aids 101”

Snowshoe Running Basics

Slogging through the snowy streets of Ottawa over the winter can be a challenge. Wet feet, snowbanks in the middle of the sidewalk because they get cleared last, and the really cold days when your eyelids freeze together. A little cross training goes a long way to break things up. A few years ago, IContinue reading “Snowshoe Running Basics”

Tips for Outdoor Winter Running

Thinking about running outdoors this winter? Here is some basic advice to help you stay as warm and comfortable as possible. What to wear? Layers, layers, layers… several thin layers are better than one thick one. NO COTTON – cotton clothing absorbs sweat so you get cold and damp from the inside out. High tech synthetic and merinoContinue reading “Tips for Outdoor Winter Running”

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