Public Washrooms Open in the Ottawa Area

A useful read for runners!


This list is a product of the combined efforts of the Bushtukah SWEET community. It was compiled in May 2021 and we will do our best to keep it up to date because sometimes you really need a bathroom! A big thank you to all our on the ground researchers!

Note that many of these are only open for a limited part of the day. Feel free to leave additions or corrections in the comments section.

Ottawa Parks and Tourist Spots

Parliament Hill- on the west side between the west block and the river. These are open year round!

Hogs Back and Vincent Massy Park- As these are in a building they tend to be locked outside of park hours

Rideau Hall Grounds – Open 10-4 daily

Rockcliff park- only open during park hours

Remic Rapids Park – This one is an outhouse that has been open all winter


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