RunK2J Race Results

2022 Race Results

In person racing is back!

You can find race reports for many of these events on our site. If you have run a race we would love to share your experience send us a race report

Ignite the Night Snowshoe RaceSnowshoeHaroldPiel37.415k – new race
Ignite the Night Snowshoe RaceSnowshoeJudyAndrew Piel62.2810K 3rd woman
Ignite the Night Snowshoe RaceSnowshoeSusanIbach68.2510k 1st women’s masters
Summerstown Forest Snowshoe RaceSnowshoeJudyAndrew Piel50.191st woman 7k
Summerstown Forest Snowshoe RaceSnowshoeYvonneMery55.49*New Race* 7k
Summerstown Forest Snowshoe RaceSnowshoeSusanIbach57.217k
Winterman Marathon1/2 MarathonSooOwens2.04.062nd w50-54
Mad Trapper Snowshoe- David McCawSnowshoeMikeMcAuley1.13.2110k
Mad Trapper Snowshoe- David McCawSnowshoeWendyHough1.33.155k
Mad Trapper Snowshoe- David McCawSnowshoeJudyAndrew Piel44.555k 3rd woman
Mad Trapper Snowshoe- David McCawSnowshoeYvonneMery46.335k
Vancouver Lake 1/21/2 MarathonSusanIbach1.54.366th w 50-54
Dion Snowshoe SquallSnowshoeJudyAndrew Piel37.052nd woman 6k
Dion Snowshoe SquallSnowshoeRickBalderson37.061st masters men 6k

2021 Race Results

There were not many in person races to be had in 2021 but we found a few!

Gatineau TriathlonTriathlonKanakoInuyama2.48.313rd women 50-54
Mad Trapper Mica Run10KRandyCocek1.09.0413rd overall
Mad Trapper Mica Run5KJudyAndrew Piel36.321st woman
Mad Trapper Mica Run5KJayPilon39.52
Mad Trapper Mica Run5KSusanIbach42.213rd woman
Mad Trapper Mica Run5KJesseElliott45.36
Rideau Trail Extreme Hiking Challenge50kJudyAndrew Piel6.35.031st woman
Cobequid Trail Run5KKarenSherwood26.522nd w40-49
IM 70.3 MuskokaTriathlonKanakoInuyama6.21.29
IM 70.3 MichiganTriathlonRudiAsseer5.49.46
IM 70.3 MichiganTriathlonKylaMartin5.57.46
Emilie’s Run- Run To Empower5KJudyAndrew Piel21.03
Emilie’s Run- Run To Empower5KYvonneMery21.5
Emilie’s Run- Run To Empower5KSusanIbach21.56
Emilie’s Run- Run To Empower5KJesseElliott25.15
Boston MarathonMarathonJudyAndrew Piel3.37.12BQ
Boston MarathonMarathonYvonneMery3.38.34BQ Boston PB
Boston MarathonMarathonSusanIbach4.06.59
Boston MarathonMarathonDanLacasse5.51.01Virtual
Granby MarathonMarathonChrisBright3.27.42BQ
Granby MarathonMarathonKarenBurns3.57.42BQ 1st w55-59
IM FloridaTriathlonKylaMartin13:58:12
Fat Ass Trail RuntrailHaroldPiel1.11.3010K
Fat Ass Trail RuntrailJudyAndrew Piel5.42.0650K 6th woman
Canadian National Cross Country ChampionshipstrailYvonneMery41.45th w50-54
Canadian National Cross Country ChampionshipstrailJudyAndrew Piel43.14th w55-59
The Whiskey Run1/2 MarathonRudiAsseer1.52.23
The Whiskey Run1/2 MarathonKylaMartin2.06.143rd w30-39
California International MarathonMarathonSusanIbach3.53.21BQ
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