2023 Around The Bay

Short Version.

Why did I decide to ‘race’ it? 
Good question.

I had, as always, 3 goals. 
3:30:00, 3:40:00, Finish without walking too much.
Managed the 2nd with walking.

Training was hard.
Recovery time is much longer.
Winter training, blizzards, flying on ice (actually falling),
running only 3 days a week.

The Trip to Hamilton.
Hazardous drive from Napanee to Toronto.

We got in, collected a bib and a shirt, and got out.

The race.
I really wanted 70 minutes for each 10km. 
Ha, nice dream

Long Version.

As always, length alert!

Why do it?

I raced in the 30k Around The Bay 7 times, the last time in 2013.
Obviously I did not have the desire to run it again… till I got a call from my dear friend Jennifer Morse, offering to run it again. Peer pressure for sure.
An added pressure was, when another dear friend,

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