2023 Around The Bay

Short Version. Why did I decide to ‘race’ it?  Good question. I had, as always, 3 goals.  3:30:00, 3:40:00, Finish without walking too much. Managed the 2nd with walking. Training was hard. Recovery time is much longer. Winter training, blizzards, flying on ice (actually falling), running only 3 days a week. The Trip to Hamilton.…

Around The Bay with Yvonne – 2022

It was cool to be running in the oldest road race in North America.

In spite of the wind and the cold everyone seemed to be in good spirits and grateful to be running again, for many this was their first race in over 2 years.

Note: ‘Run Ottawa’ provides a bus shuttle service for this event to keep transportation simple.

Photo Credit: Dave Daze