Terry’s Istrian Marathon (Slovenia)

The course takes you through four cities along the Adriatic. The first part of the race is up in Ankaran. We run down towards Koper which is directly by the water. This is when the race shines with it’s scenery. Plus, it’s flat. The section towards Izola is beautiful along the sea wall. There are some hills as we approach the outskirts of Piran. We run through an old rail tunnel and climb a several steps to a wooden bridge over sea salt collecting areas.

Dan’s ATB Hybrid Hammer & Brews

Synopsis: This race is always well organized. Being my 9th time running the 30k, it was nice to go back to in-person racing with this race.

The ATB Hammer Hybrid consist of a virtual 2k, 5k, 10k and 15k and capped with in-person 30k. I did all the virtual distances during my training leading up to the 30k in-person race.

H&J: Love the fine selection of ATB Brews for the post-race recovery.

Around The Bay with Yvonne – 2022

It was cool to be running in the oldest road race in North America.

In spite of the wind and the cold everyone seemed to be in good spirits and grateful to be running again, for many this was their first race in over 2 years.

Note: ‘Run Ottawa’ provides a bus shuttle service for this event to keep transportation simple.

Photo Credit: Dave Daze

Dion ‘Ignite The Night’ Snowshoe Run

What better way to start 2022 by doing something new (for me): participate in the Dion ‘Ignite The Night’ snowshoe run! This event took place in the evening of Jan-8 at Upper Canada Heritage Village that boasts an impressive Christmas Light display of 1,000,000 colored lights to illuminate the starting area.