RunK2J at Ottawa Race Weekend

Epic showing of the RunK2J gang as volunteers all over the place during the Ottawa Race Weekend! With folks involved all over the place, we hope we managed to get a photo of everyone at least once here – drop us a line if we missed you!

Race Kit Pickup (Fri): Ian Govan

Finish Line Food(Fri): Chris Bright, Karen Burns, Judy Andrew

Run Ottawa Expo Booth (Fri): Soo Owen & Dave Daze

Route Crew (Sun): Judy Piel, Susan Ibach, Harold Piel (& Sat)

Pace Bunny: Andrew Costello: 21.1km for 2:15:00

Inflatable Dinosaurs: Erin and James

Water Station (Sunday 5km) Sunday: Chris & Jake Steele, Stephanie Dunne, Bruce Mason, Andrew Mery, Kanako Inuyama, Chris Bright, Karen Burns, Ian Govan, Mike McAuley, and finally Mike & Donna & Jesse & Suzy Yates who brought the music!

Ottawa Race Weekend Running

Of course, when we’re not volunteering, we’re part of the race itself. With so many distances to choose from, something for everyone who was keen to run. Here’s our initial attempt to get everyone running – again if we missed anyone – pass that photo along for inclusion. It was a super busy weekend and we did our best to grab photos of everyone on the course – wearing our stylish new RunK2J gear was super helpful to make you stand out, so thanks for that.

YvonneMery42.23.33.465th w50-54 BQ
TerrySanCartier42.24.29.52Part of LOL Series
Daisy MaeSoan42.24.33.57PB, First In-Person Marathon
PatBuchik21.12.07.284th w65-69
AndrewCostello21.12.14.542.15 bunny
JudyAndrew Piel1046.272nd w55-59
SooOwens523.344th w45-49

After Party

We always, the wrap up the Winter/Spring running clinic which finishes with the Ottawa Race Weekend. It was great to have everyone over for our traditional Pot-Luck after party swapping experiences, no boring speech, some fun team group shots, and seeking out what would be your next goals for the summer/fall running season.

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