Write us a Race Report

With so many events to choose from it’s always helpful to get some first hand information about an event before you sign up.

Help us, help runners everywhere by telling us about an event you have run/ swum/ cycled/ snowshoed or skied. Fill out the form below and we will turn your answers into a race report for all to see.

The form is outlined into a few sections to make it simple and easy to outline your race report, and avoid writers block.

We will send back the draft report to you before we publish to make sure you are happy with the result, and you can provide any fine tuning or editing. It will also give you a chance to send back a few photos that you can caption as well!

Writing credit will, of course go to you. Be part of the RunK2J Blogger team and share out with the running community what all these races are like.

Ready? here we go in 4 simple steps. . . . .

Section-1: Overall Info

The easy stuff to get you going… who, what, when, where . . . .

Section-2: About the Venue & Course

Anything interesting or notable about the venue. You can also provide info on the course itself.

Section-3: About your race.

This is the most interesting portion, and usually highly personalized. If you are not bashful, this could be the bulk of the report. Few lines or better yet, a few paragraphs!

Section-4: Recommendations & closing thoughts

Big finish, and wrap-up. . .

Published by judyapiel

Runner, triathlete and coach. Owner of RunK2J, Community Events at Bushtukah. Always looking for a new travel adventure.

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