RunK2J at the Munich ‘Run For Life’

Race Report Contributors: Harold, Judy

Event Name / Date / Location : Run for Life, Sept 11, 2022, Munich

Synopsis: Arriving in Germany the day prior, we set off to do a 10K the first day we were in Munich at a somewhat casual ‘Run For Life’ event on a Sunday afternoon through the large ‘Englicher Garden’ in central Munich on a fine gravel path. As a 550 in-person venue (for the first time in 3 years), this had a local German vibe to it, and it put our German Comprehension skills in action as we joined the fun, making new friends along the way! Good chance we were runners furthest from ‘home’!

My Race Experience: (Harold): No big expectations on a fast time, just looking to get a 10K in for my ‘International’ running experience, and enjoy the sights along the way. Hey, also needed a 10K to round out my racing this year for the RunK2J Award!

Race checking was on the outskirts of the Englischer Gardens, in the “Bayerisches National Museum Plaza”, a bit off to the side. Being German, this was well marked and delineated with tape, with various tents and support vehicles lined up in neat straight rows. Check-in was a breeze, and we got our bands and race shirts that we were asked to wear, so they could recognize the runners in The Park during the race, as the pathways were also open to the public. Pre-Race gummy snacks, coffee and Kuchen also provided so we could be energized: and complementary condoms for all participants! Quick bag check, some briefings in German, shelter from a rain shower, group warmup, and off we strolled two-by-two (as instructed) about 200m inside the park for the Starting Area.

The run itself started in Englicher Garden, and was along well marked gravel paths. Though open to the public, there were minimal pedestrians or strollers, as everyone pulled to the side to make way for the runners in matching shirts running past. It was a great way to see this massive central park in Munich, and the 10K look was setup with no overlapping sections: could have easily made this a 15+km loop with all the green space available.

For myself, rain started once again at around 8km, and I found myself weaving from side-to-side on the run with everyone else – seeking shelter from the large overhanging trees along the run to minimize the effects of the downpour. Getting to the finish, Judy and a new friend (Jackie) were there to cheer me in. I completed my 10K in 1:02:35, which turns out was more of a jet-lagged long-run. Not stellar, but very please with my sightseeing approach to the run, the day after we landed in Germany!

Arriving back at the race start/finish venue in the Plaza, picked up my checked bag, and was able to get transition into dry cloths in one of the 3 change tents (M/F/NonBinary). Warm drinks also provided, as well as snacks. Speeches made (in German), awards handed out, and there was much happiness with the organizers.

A fun way to be introduced to Germany, and we had the rest of the day ahead of us to explore the park. As fate had it, we also stumbled upon the massive “Zama Nand Festival” Street Party on Ludwigstrasse, as well as the Corso Leopold community event which provided us great post-race joy.

Hot freshly baked cinnamon buns with a live band playing in OdeonPlatz, at HofgartenStrasse. Can’t go wrong with that.

Would you do this event again? Why? Well, if you happened to be in Munich, go for it! Not overly competitive, but priced right at 20 Euro, and as a fundraiser.

RunK2J Race Results:

  • Judy: 49:50
  • Harold: 1.02:18

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