Philadelphia Marathon Race Report by Susan Ibach

 just ran the Philadelphia marathon. Every race is unique, here’s my take on Philly. The city as a race destination The people The start The course The finish chute What could have been better The best part of the Philadelphia Marathon Thank yous The city as a race destination Philadelphia is a fantastic destination cityContinue reading “Philadelphia Marathon Race Report by Susan Ibach”

Chicago Marathon Race Report by Susan Ibach

This past weekend I ran the 2018 Chicago marathon, one of the six Abbott Marathon Majors and a very popular marathon. In this post I’ll share my thoughts on the race experience so you know what to expect if you decide to run. Getting a bib: Lottery; Qualifying Time; Charity Entry; Shamrock Shuffle; Tour entry; Cancelled Entry; GetContinue reading “Chicago Marathon Race Report by Susan Ibach”

Hamilton Road2Hope Marathon Race Report

This report if from 2019 I also ran this race in 2016. It’s not a big event but it’s well organized, it’s a relatively fast course and it’s easy to get to from Ottawa. I travelled to Hamilton with my sister Susan who has become my go to race running buddy. She is easy toContinue reading “Hamilton Road2Hope Marathon Race Report”

Boston 2 Big Sur Race Report

Boston 2 Big Sur race report from 2017 – Its all James’ fault A few months ago, over a beer, after a workout, James pointed out that this year the Boston Marathon  and the Big Sur Marathon are 13 days apart rather than 6. He suggested that based on that and the fact that weContinue reading “Boston 2 Big Sur Race Report”

Marathon du P’tit Train du Nord Race Report

This report is from 2017, the first year for the Marathon du P’tit Train du Nord. They had a marathon and a half marathon distance both of which had relatively small field caps, 1200 for the marathon and 800 for the half. The races sold out very quickly.Both races are run completely on the P’titContinue reading “Marathon du P’tit Train du Nord Race Report”

BMO Vancouver Marathon Report by Susan Ibach

Thinking of doing the Vancouver marathon? Here’s my take on the race! From the 2018 edition of the event. Perhaps it is not fair to write a race report when your feet still hurt from the race But I have 4+ hours to kill on the train to Seattle so here goes! When my friendContinue reading “BMO Vancouver Marathon Report by Susan Ibach”