New Spring Workout Location

Spring is here and we will be moving workouts to our new spring location. In partnership with Walter Baker Sportsplex, and John McCrae Public High School we’re setting up a unique running experience. Our new location will be 100% traffic free. No cars, no bikes, no dogs! Convenient parking and bathrooms located just below the track.

You can find the fully mapped track on strava at the link below

The track circuit is 910 metres so you will need to calculate your stopping points in advance of the workout.

400m= 0.439 laps

800m =  0.879 laps

1200m= 1.318 laps

1600m= 1.758 laps

As always, Harold will be marking the route with cones. It is VERY important that you keep the cones on your right at all times. We also request that you run quietly when running over the public library segment.

We’ll bring our ladder to gain access to the roof. We will also be looking for a volunteer each week to bring an additional ladder, to avoid congestion. Please let us know if you can help out!

The climb up to the roof will be well worth it for a traffic free course with a great view. Please ensure you use the public facilities inside Walter Baker before the start of the run.

This change takes effect April 1st

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