Ray Zahab & Trans Ellesmere Expedition

Most of the gang at RunK2J are aware of Ray Zahab, founder of Impossible-2-Possible (i2P). An awesomely positive individual residing in Chelsea Quebec, and truly one of our local heros. His expeditions around the globe are truly world class, and can’t start to describe or list them here.

I first became of Ray when I was cycling in the Gatineau’s 10-15 years ago while doing a loop on my bike. I saw some dude running up the Black Lake Hill wearing a harness with ropes, dragging a car tire behind him on the grass. Doing hill repeats. When I returned home, I described this to Judy, and she said “Oh, that’s probably Ray”, and she was correct. Been following his story of adventures since then.

Ray has a new expedition underway, starting at the beginning of March. Ray and a friend (Kevin Vallely) are at Grise Ford, on Ellesmere Island in the Arctic Circle, starting off on a 40-50 day, self contained, 1100km Trans Ellesmere Expedition,

If you’re ever sitting at home and looking outside thinking it’s too cold out there to go for a run, check out the site and progress for inspiration!

Here is the article from his FaceBook Post, as he sets off:

I’ve also grabbed this summary and image off the Trans Ellesmere Expedition Website

Credit: Trans Ellesmere Expedition Website

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