2014 Ironman 70.3 World Championship Race Report

Racing and Traveling over 50.

The short version:
Awesome venue, great event, 2500 athletes from 87 countries and they all looked fast!


The long version:
Living in Ottawa and being involved with Ironman races both as a volunteer and a competitor Tremblant is starting to feel like home. I went up on Thursday, and even then the town was full of fit looking people going up and down the road on foot and by bike.
As always, the organizers did all those extra things they do at Tremblant to make the race special. Free espresso at the coffee boat on the swim course, great performers at the pre-race banquet (including an acrobatic team dressed in the event tri gear – no one I know who actually does triathlon has that kind of flexibility!), an outstanding fireworks show, and a very efficient race check in.
The big tent was up and we had to check all…

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