Run K2J Run and Greet #4 The Holiday Card Edition

Thanks to everyone who came out and Thanks for the cards! Great to see you all!

Sign some Holiday Cards and bring them along. As you pass other runners exchange cards until you run out! If you happen to be doing the CMTR Winter Scavenger Hunt this should get you the Holiday Card badge!

Run Details

We may not be able to run together right now but isn’t it great when you see someone you know when you are out for a run? Let’s plan that! Here is a route which is about 5 km. Run or walk it in either direction. Start anywhere along the route. Do it once or do it twice between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm on Thursday December 10th so we can run and greet. Runners passing in the night until we can run together again.

Route on Garmin
Route on Strava

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Runner, triathlete and coach. Owner of RunK2J, Community Events at Bushtukah. Always looking for a new travel adventure.

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